I am not a very disciplined person.

I in fact suck at being disciplined. It is one of my biggest downfalls. I might be good for a day, a week but after that I start to feel like a rebel by NOT doing whatever it is I am working on. Very mature, right.

I expect all of these big things from my kids, but WOW, what a not good example I am setting.

So I am working on being more disciplined.

There is all this talk recently about Jerry Seinfeld and how he kept calendars where he marked off writing every day. Creating a long visual chain helped him to want to write every day. He developed a discipline for writing.

It has been scientifically proven that if you do something 28 days in a row then it will become a habit. (I wonder if this has anything to do with hormones and the mensi cycle? Huh? Maybe another scientific study….)

I have 3 disciplines I want to develop.

1.Writing 1000 words every day.

2. Listing 5 items on Ebay and 5 items on Amazon everyday.

3. Using my elliptical or running again everyday for 30 minutes.

Here is a photo of my bulletin board to remind myself everyday to do these 3 things.

I think they will all 3 help me pay off my Extreme Debt!!



My life is an insane mess. I was of this moment on 4/15 I am $43,687.86 in debt.

And I am digging a deeper hole at every moment. I am spending and spending to continue to have inventory to sell on Amazon, but I missed the part about paying that debt off at the end of every month. I tried to do that for 6 months about 2 years ago, but then there were unexpected expenses and a cute top and I needed more inventory and what a great deal and more inventory and a vehicle and a massive swing set and more inventory……which is now  a debt of $43,687.86.

So, i have a HUGE back log of inventory and NEED to sell it and pay off this debt so we can continue to have a home, a life and maybe go on a vacation one day.

This Blog will detail how I will pay off this debt. What works for me and my family, what doesn’t work and what crazy ideas we can use to get this insane amount to ZERO!!

The #1 step is to TAKE ACTION!!!